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All about beauty…

The Sorrow of Beauty

HDFC Bank Fingage – The Art Project – Showcase your and your families talent in arts, craft, photography & Performing Arts. #SpiritofCreativity Source: The Sorrow of Beauty Vote for my entry here 👆

Sweater outfit ideas

1. Boss Blackberry – Pair up your black sweaters with white, beige pants or even denims. Wear a dainty locket and white sneakers or black boots depending upon the look. You can even reverse the order and wear light colored sweaters with black pants………..

Trending eye makeup styles

Sorry for being inactive bunnies, I had a lot of school work so… I’m back though. Alright! Let’s get some inspo outta here!

Need some makeup inspo for 2021? You’re at the right place! Here you’ll find some color/style specific eye makeup ideas. Let’s gooo

1. Flora

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My playlists

This is my little corner of Spotify playlists, where you can listen to my favorites! Ariana Grande, Anne-Marie, Selena Gomez and more!

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